Thursday, August 9, 2012

Encantada ballet show

     Went shopping yesterday at SOUL Lifestyle. The customer service is excellent! Even with all the pile of clothes i've created after trying out one from another I did not hear any whining from them. I know, they shouldn't but you know how it is sometimes in other stores. They're friendly and genuine. I was so pampered by the staff even the branch manager helped me pick clothes. That's what you call quality service! :) 
     I was in a rush to find something to wear like literally in 2 hours since I had to go to watch the Encantada ballet show at Philippine Women's College. I went with my boyfriend and his sister. We had  VIP tickets given by his mom. 

So this is what I wore last night. Soul Lifestyle from head to toe. Sorry if my hair is messy, I was running out of time to fix my hair and put some make up on. haha. Talk about being in a rush. 
Blazer, dress & wedges (old): SOUL Lifestyle
Bag: Lemon mint

Will be posting more about the Encantada show tonight with the video clips I took.

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